About Us

happy senior woman wearing glasses in wheelchair with a caregiver

Who We Are
The facility has been is business since 2013, is operated by a loving couple with over nine years of caregiving experience. At Live in Comfort Care, we focus on dedicating our time to customize the needs of each one our resident’s needs. We nurture independence and preserve dignity the in our residents. Our residents can live comfortably in our 6 bedrooms 3 baths in a 3,300 square foot home. We have individual recliner chairs, spacious hallways, and furnished rooms.

Our Mission
Live in Comfort Care is dedicated to delivering supportive care while caring for their needs. Our Goal is to provide quality of care with a touch of compassion.

Our Caregivers
Our caregivers have patience with our resident needs. Due to our small household setting,
there is continuity of care in our caregiver to resident ratio compared to many other bigger facilities.